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Scars remind us of the past.
They don’t need to determine our future.

Life. With. Trauma.
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A Mind and Body Approach

Whether a single unprocessed event like the loss of a loved one, a career where exposure to trauma is common place, or a story that involves tragedy beyond words, our brains and bodies are miraculous systems that to keep us alive at the time of the event or events, do all sorts of things that later negatively impact the way we see and function in the world. That is why at VP Trauma we take a structured, specialized approach to trauma treatment. We utilize a variety of techniques such as Brainspotting that identify and treat the trauma where it is stored in the sub-cortical areas of the brain. We then integrate methods such as mindfulness, art therapy, trauma-sensitive yoga, reiki, sound, energy, and other holistic healing modalities to target and release trauma from the brain and body

The Healing House

Trauma may never truly be gone, but you can turn a seeping wound into a faint scar. We help you do just that with our comprehensive, intensive outpatient trauma program. A more in-depth experience away from familiar triggers is necessary and/or sought after to produce a greater outcome. That is why Vantage Point has created, The Healing House, a beautiful modest, home, located in Malibu, CA, for those enrolled in the Vantage Point programs. Providing 24/7 care and support from a trained staff, chef cooked meals, evening and weekend activities, transportation, comfortable accommodations, a serene and relaxing environment both inside and out, and much more, gives each guest a greater chance at success. We tackle your nutrition, your physical health, your mental health and emotional stability, and work together with you to create a nurturing environment. Empowering yourself may require that you first need time to cope and recover from trauma in a safe space – our home puts you first, in every aspect, and focuses entirely on your wellbeing.

A Unified Group Program

Here at VP-Trauma, we have decided to go away from the revolving door policy many treatment centers adhere to and make the program cohort-based. We have found that the key to a successful group program hinges on the establishment of trust between the client, facilitators, and other group members. When clients are coming in-and-out, it makes this challenging to accomplish. Furthermore, research is finding that the most effective groups have a common identity and a sense of shared purpose. A closed group program, or cohort, allows us to create groups of no more than 10 clients, that share a common aspect of their story, giving each member a greater opportunity to establish a new baseline for trust, promoting long-term recovery. In addition, it means the program has a beginning, middle, and end, removing the stress of wondering when time is up.

Your memory does not need
to be your worst enemy.

Pain is inevitable.
Suffering is optional.

Psychiatric, Clinical, and Holistic Care

The treatment of trauma is complex. With the horrible memories being trapped in the sub-cortical areas of the brain and body, the integration of both art and science is needed to ensure treatment goals are met. Therefore, we surround each client with the best medical, therapeutic, and holistic healing treatment professionals. Taking your uniqueness into account, VP Trauma is a structured and built upon the integration of multiple treatment options designed to move the client along in the process, including Brainspotting and other cutting edge treatments, neurofeedback, mindfulness, yoga, energy healing, and more. We accept how complicated trauma cases are, and tackle each case with a fresh perspective. No matter how severe a case, if a client wants to overcome their trauma, we honor the courage it takes to ask for help by offering our full capabilities to help them.

Thrive Aftercare

The tyrannical grip of untreated trauma will more than likely be released by participating in our comprehensive program. But that is just the beginning. Now you get to live the life you always envisioned. With access to Thrive, our aftercare community, you will gain valuable access to resources to help you build your dream life.

“The wound is where the light enters you.”


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